Panavation offers a service that is brilliant, fast, economical, and best of all, we include all intellectual property developed with our partners as part of our service. We do not file IP! All inventions developed under a consulting agreement with a client become the property of the client. Furthermore, when appropriate, we take equity positions in our clients in lieu of partial payment. This further aligns our mutual interests.

Panavation has developed a project execution approach that is unique and client-specific. It has been designed to assist our customers in navigating the various stages of project approval, and to ensure that their projects are completed as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. This has culminated in a unique 3-phase process.
Customers choose to take advantage of Panavation's specialized, scale-specific knowledge and experience by involving us early in the project development process. We work closely with our customer's project team to define the problem or required innovation and assist in developing a proposal, task schedule, timeline, and budget for the process.

Once engaged in a project we are directly responsible for all deliverables assigned in the accepted proposal. At this point we are working closely with your team to generate significant, high-impact results.

At this point in the process, we transfer all knowledge and intellectual property, including reports to our client. Once the project goals have been implemented, Panavation can provide ongoing technical support to help our customers meet the objectives of their research and development programs.

This 3-phase project execution methodology continues to evolve through the experience gained on every project we complete. As part of Panavation's Quality Assurance program, we actively seek customer feedback on our performance, and incorporate any learning points and recommendations.
We are an innovative idea and technology company...

Panavation has a vast and varied group of consultants and part time contractors available at its disposal, in addition to close ties with leading engineering firms. We leverage our combined resources to accomplish any and all necessary research, development, engineering, construction and guidance to bring the highest quality to your company's products, and to bring them to market faster and cheaper.