Panavation is U.S.-based consulting firm with wet-lab facilities and access to world-class analytic equipment. We specialize in innovative and ROI-generating solutions to real industrial problems. Panavation uses unconventional creative lateral thinking and process management to quickly assess and execute along a critical path. We use fewer resources, develop solutions faster and offer clear metrics on ROI. Our company has its own facilities, staffing and access to world-class facilities at the Materials Department and California Nano-Science Institute on the campus of UC Santa Barbara.

Small companies generally do not have the manpower to begin new projects or tackle complex tasks that require new equipment and techniques. Panavation's laboratory facilities, located in Santa Barbara California, allow us to take on and complete the jobs our clients are unable to do. On time and on budget.
Innovation in large corporations can be slowed by the complicated regulations and other red tape necessary to begin new work. Panavation's laboratory regulations are specifically designed to allow for quick start-up times for new projects and minimal down time if a clients needs suddenly change direction.

We are an innovative idea and technology company...

Panavation has a vast and varied group of consultants and part time contractors available at its disposal, in addition to close ties with leading engineering firms. We leverage our combined resources to accomplish any and all necessary research, development, engineering, construction and guidance to bring the highest quality to your company's products, and to bring them to market faster and cheaper.